SkySpark allows domain experts to capture their knowledge in “rules” that automatically run against collected data. Employing “semantic tagging”, pattern recognition, functional rules processing and other techniques, SkySpark’s analytics engine provides the ability to automatically identify issues worthy of attention. This allows the capability to inform the user what they need to know about the performance of their systems and to find what matters in the vast amount of data produced by today’s smart systems.

SkySpark also works with data of all types: live links to automation systems and smart meters, connections to SQL databases, static CSV files, or web service feeds.

SkySpark is hence highly effective for a range of purposes including:

  • Energy and resource management & reporting
  • Monitoring-based commissioning
  • Equipment fault detection
  • Energy analysis, load profiling
  • Facility benchmarking
  • Asset performance tracking.

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DGLux5 is a sophisticated Internet of Things application platform developed by DGLogic. It’s “drag & drop” rapid application development and visualization platform enables individuals and teams to design real-time, data-driven applications and dashboards without ever writing a line of code. DGLux5 also maximises analysis efficiency and enables faster communication through real-time, data-driven dashboards for web, desktop and mobile devices. In addition, it reduces time and money in project design, creation and deployment with a modern platform.

The most prominent features of DGLux5 include:

  • Flexible deployment
  • Customizable charts & graphs
  • Stunning graphs library & widgets
  • Creating personalized interaction
  • Setting mouse & touch screen gestures

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Kodaro makes dynamic software that connects building systems for total efficiency with the reason behind their creation being to aid end-users in finding value in building data from the edge to the cloud. Their goal is provide more actionable analytic information and by providing more connectivity between systems, Kodaro gives increased access to better data, not bigger data.

Kodaro’s integral products and services include:

  • Hosting optimised for building automation
  • Analytics services for custom fault detection, diagnostics and reporting
  • TenantEye, a tenant billing and submetering platform
  • Niagara 4 Port for the Dell Edge Gateway

Kodaro also shines in its supply of drivers providing access to building data across systems. The following are drivers that Kodaro supplies:

  • CSV: used to import and export CSV (comma separated) files, lat files and/or XML data
  • DNP3: used for Dynamic Network Protocol to connect, model and configure devices into the Niagara platform
  • E-MON: used to communicate to E-MON meters via the native EZ7 protocols
  • Foxhole: enables JACE to open a communication pipe to the Web Superviser without firewall pinholes
  • GCMAscend: used to find, discover and learn all points and objects using Barber Colman GCM network controller as router
  • Haystack: used to migrate building analytics data from Tridium’s open connectivity platform into haystack
  • Inovonics: connects JAC with Ivonics wireless devices via serial connection to their routers
  • SMA Inverters: driver to the SMA Inverter for IP or Serial connections
  • Sys600: JACE driver to the Siemens System 600/Apogee network controller
  • History: used to view your building data history
  • TenantEye: tenant billing software application

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QuickLink Solutions is an engaged company in research and development of innovative solutions for the management of technological systems and energy savings. QuickLink’s goal is to automate any industry sector ro ensure greater safety, speed and precision in the management of the production cycle.

QuickLink’s products include a range of drivers and software solutions:


  • Carel: allows integration of all Carel devcies with proprietary protocol into Niagara Framework
  • Danfoss Danbuss: allows integration of Danfoss AKC devices using the Danfoss AKA-241 PC-Gateway into the Niagara Framework
  • Danfoss LonWorks: allows easy integration of Danfoss EKC devices into the Niagara Framework with its LonWorks OptionCard and the LonWorks driver for the JACE
  • Dixell X-Web: allows the integration of the X-Web Dixell system into the Niagara Framework
  • Emerson Cpc: makes integration possible for the following Emerson control devices: CPC BX (HVAC), CX (Convenience Stores and RX (Refrigeration) Series E1 & E2 into the Niagara Framework
  • Emerson IONet: used with the QL-OPTC-IONET Option Card, allows the integration of the Emerson CPC IO-Net modules (MultiFlex board) into the Niagara Framework
  • Honeywell Galaxy: allows the integration of Honeywell Galaxy security panels into the Niagara Framework
  • Notifier CEI-ABI Driver AM Series: allows the integration of the Italian Notifier’s AM series fire panels (AM2000 – AM4000 – AM6000) into the Niagara Framework
  • OVA Dardo Plus: allows to integrate the Dardo Plus controllers into the Niagara Framework
  • PostgreSQL: allows use of the PostgreSQL database in a Rdbms databases
  • Soap: allows the integration of the Niagara SOAP WebServices 1.2 compliant systems
  • Tecnoalarm: allows the integration of Tecnoalarm’s TP series (TP8-64 BUS – 256-TP16 – TP16-512) security panels into the Niagara Framework


  • EasyLink: a tool that makes the configuration and the management of a multi site supervision system easier and enables the acquisition and management of JACEs
  • EasyTunnel: a tool integrated into the Tridium Niagara Framework that allows connectivity between JACEs even in the absence of public and static IP addresses wuthout using external DDNS payment services (DynDNS/TZO)
  • Qx Framework: a new graphical framework, based on Hx framework, which divides the cntents from their graphical representations
  • EastConfig: an appliance tool that simplifies the JACE setup with the possibility to add and configure networks; discover and add devices; and manage alarms and histories
  • TwitterClient: the ideal solution for all Tridium partners who wish to integrate the ability to use Twitter for alarm management and publishing information handled within the Niagara Framework into JACE controllers and Web Supervisors
  • Soap Server: this driver creates the ability to share points, alarms, histories and schedulers through the SOAP protocol
  • Soap Client: the SOAP driver allows the use of a SOAP 1.2WebService from the Niagara Framework using the interaction with the standard control points

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