Veris Industries is one of the leading suppliers of energy and environmental sensors for HVAC&R control and energy management solutions. With a wide variety of monitoring equipment, they are a full service source for automation system peripherals.

Products include:

  • Flow Sensors: Veris Industries has available a wide range of products for monitoring liquid flow. Sensor models are available in insertion, tee-style and clamp-on for installation flexibility and include impeller, disk, turbine, electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies.
  • Pressure Sensors: The Veris selection of pressure sensing devices includes products for both wet and dry media, as well as a series of electro pneumatic transducers. These products are known for their accuracy, simple installation, installation savings and job site flexibility.
  • Power/Energy Monitoring: Veris Industries are the leaders of industry with a complete line of innovative power monitoring solutions. To be used in a wide variety of applications such as chiller optimisation, demand response, tenant sub metering and critical power applications.
  • Temperature Sensors: Veris offers a wide range of temperature sensing products for commercial building monitoring applications. Using thermistor, RTD and transmitter devices, comfortable environments can be easily controlled and maintained. A range of housings and mounting options are also available to allow temperature monitoring in any setting.

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Senva provides superior sensors that make even the most challenging installation operate more reliably, accurately and profitably. Their deep customer involvement allows deep insight to solving industry problems and hence allows the creation of relevant and technically superior products.

Senva’s products and services include:

  • Energy monitoring: to help keep project costs low, Senva’s unique design of their sub-meter has focused on speeding up installation. The most differentiating feature in their meter is the voltage taps are at the CT rather than at the meter base, which makes it a CVT (Current/Voltage Transducer).
  • Current Sensors & Transducers: Senva is the leader in current sensor technology. For proof of flow, users have the option to choose from Preset, Autoset, or Autoset VFD for safer and faster installation.
  • CO2 Sensors: all Senva CO2 sensors feature a field replaceable self-calibrating NDIR sensor for high accuracy. The sensor can be ordered as stand alone temperature, CO2/Temp, RH/Temp or all-in-one CO2/RH/Temp with a 0-5/10V analog or BACnet RS485 output all can be ordered for duct, outside air or wall mount.
  • CO/NO2 Sensors: Ordering options can be either individual CO or NO2 sensors, or a combination of both sensors in one housing. The analog output model features 2 outputs that support daisy chain wiring and the ability to act as a stand alone controller. BACnet/Modbus model supports BACnet MS/TP & Modbus network communication in one unit.
  • Humidity: Senva’s humidity element feature two calibrated micro-sensors for relative humidity and temperature coupled on the same integrated circuit. Forming a single unit, allowing precise determination of dew point. As such, these sensors are optimised for long term stability. Enclosure options include wall, duct and outside air sensors to suit any application.
  • Pressure: Senva offers sensors for dry and wet media application, each featuring a standard LCD for faster, more reliable installation and service. The dry versions offer industry-leading long term stability thanks to a fully calibrated and temperature compensated application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) in the piezoresistive silicon pressure sensor. The wet-to-wet series allows you to run wires to the sensor instead of plumbing and eliminates the need for costly bypass assemblies.

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