Veris Industries is one of the leading suppliers of energy and environmental sensors for HVAC&R control and energy management solutions. With a wide variety of monitoring equipment, they are a full service source for automation system peripherals.

Products include:

  • Flow Sensors: Veris Industries has available a wide range of products for monitoring liquid flow. Sensor models are available in insertion, tee-style and clamp-on for installation flexibility and include impeller, disk, turbine, electromagnetic and ultrasonic technologies.
  • Pressure Sensors: The Veris selection of pressure sensing devices includes products for both wet and dry media, as well as a series of electro pneumatic transducers. These products are known for their accuracy, simple installation, installation savings and job site flexibility.
  • Power/Energy Monitoring: Veris Industries are the leaders of industry with a complete line of innovative power monitoring solutions. To be used in a wide variety of applications such as chiller optimisation, demand response, tenant sub metering and critical power applications.
  • Temperature Sensors: Veris offers a wide range of temperature sensing products for commercial building monitoring applications. Using thermistor, RTD and transmitter devices, comfortable environments can be easily controlled and maintained. A range of housings and mounting options are also available to allow temperature monitoring in any setting.

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