Turn your Plant Room into a value
generating asset with PlantPRO®

PlantPRO is the first complete chiller plant efficiency and optimisation solution.

PlantPRO is designed to provide control of the Chiller Plant System in a way that delivers efficiencies beyond that of the individual components. PlantPRO uses feedback from its on board real time analytics, diagnostics, measurement and verification systems to continually readjust the chiller plant for optimum performance, irrespective of which brand of chiller is installed and without the need for proprietary engineering tools.

PlantPROs integrated wizard programming system configures both the hardware and software to match any chiller plant. The wizard system supports up to 10 chillers in a single system.

PlantPRO delivers a comprehensive suite of engineering tools, graphical user interfaces, reports and charting tools as well as automated maintenance reports aimed specifically at the service market.

PlantPRO® Features

Produces higher efficiency and lowers cost

When efficiency goes up, cost goes down – everyone understands that!

Significantly lower cost of application compared to other plant control systems

Standard and modular hardware and software improves delivery of complicated control strategies making PlantPRO up to 20% cheaper to deploy than traditional control systems

Unlocks the capability of your chiller plant

Provides transparency with continuous measurement and verification and full reporting of plant issues

Allows you to take control of your plant room

Choose who services your plant room by deploying a completely vendor independent plant solution

Whole of plant management and reporting

Overall performance of the plant, not just the chillers, cost of operation, consumption, diagnostics, alarming, daily chiller logs and monthly plant reports

PlantPRO brings the parts of your chilled water plant together to create a better system

Components working in harmony create a better system no matter how efficient the individual components are on their own.

Smart Sequencing

PlantPRO Smart Sequencing allows the chiller plant to run the most efficient combination of chillers for the given conditions even when some machines may be out of service. PlantPRO Smart Sequencing selects the most efficient load point for each chiller running. If a chiller goes below the nominal efficiency of that chiller, the chiller can be proactively checked by service personnel minimising electrical energy waste and avoiding compounding service issues that can be costly. For smart sequencing to operate, it needs the chiller operational efficiency at different load points and different conditions. If the chiller manufacturer cannot provide this data, Smart sequencing can learn the Chiller performance over a period of 3-6 months and then use the learnt information to predict the Chiller performance at any condition.

SMART SEQUENCING and LOAD BALANCING is conducted using the ASHRAE chiller model as its basis. (*American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers).

Predicting the future cooling load: PlantPRO Smart Sequencing predicts the future cooling load of the chiller plant so the chiller staging can accommodate and adapt to the future chiller plant needs smoothly. Smart Sequence therefore eliminates premature or unwanted plant transitions.

PlantPRO Smart Sequencing is fully focused on selecting the best combination of chillers to run for the observed conditions.

PlantPRO learns the chiller performance characteristics using the data provided by the manufacturer or through data collection in real time. It then uses the learned chiller performance to pick the most efficient chiller combination for the given conditions and the most efficient load points of each chiller to satisfy the cooling demand.